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Recent Feedback from Travelers

At Image Tours, we know that we have great tours with excellent itineraries, tour managers, and sightseeing. But we don't want you to take our word for here are some comments we have received from recent travelers.

"I just loved it. Was a nice group of people to travel with. I especially enjoyed the Passion Play."
V.W. - Warsaw, NY

"The trip was wonderful. Interesting. Fun. Each day was better than the last."
V.Y. - Lesueur, MN

"I traveled with my three daughters. We had a wonderful time. It was our second big trip together but was organized so much better."
M.B. - Guntown, MS

"It is a trip you need to experience. Words and pictures do not do it justice."
J.H. - Eau Claire, WI

"I enjoyed Oberammergau - it was the highlight of the trip."
R. & E. - Honolulu, HI

It was a very enjoyable and educational tour. The optional excursions were great and a special experience.
M. Lagier - Santa Clara, CA

It was a good group of people. Everyone was friendly, happy and loved our tour manager and bus driver. It was like a big happy family on a wonderful trip to Europe. Beautiful country - a totally great trip.
E. Graham - Petal, MS

Wonderful overview of many cultures and that's what I wanted. Thank you.
G. Pitts - Denver, CO

I loved everything about it. We loved going for walks after dinner.
H. Selenati - Redwood City, CA

Our tour guide knew all our names and interests. He gave us gifts on our birthdays and also sang to us. How great is that? To sum it up, the tour was everything I hoped it would be. LOVED EVERY MINUTE!
J. York - Esparto, CA

What can I say? Everything was excellent! It was a wonderful experience - however I lost my passport while on the tour! Image Tours did a wonderful job of locating it. We were very impressed by their efforts. Thank you Image Tours!
K. Peterson - Hartland, WI

Everyone, guide, hotels, etc. were very well prepared and because of the tour documents you gave us before the tour I was prepared as well.
E. Lovell - Asotin, WA

It snowed in Switzerland and was beautiful. The hotels and dining were unique and lots of fun. The castles, especially Heidelberg, were interesting. The old town walls and churches were amazing. The tour group was friendly and fun to be with!
J. & B. Beason - Heber Springs, AR

We loved it! It was great to have everything planned for us. We just relaxed and enjoyed each day's events as they happened.
N. Penn - Sherwood, AR

I would love to do it again. I can hardly wait for my next trip!
M. Mc Dowell - Orangevale, CA

It was very well planned and executed. We were comfortable at all times. Rest stops were timely; food was good as were the hotels.
M. Scott - Sacramento, CA

Seeing the tulips in Holland, Venice, and April in Paris - what more could you want? We really enjoyed the mini history lessons as we went across the countries.
D. & J. Hawkins - Pueblo, CO

It was a great adventure and a great experience.
E. & J. Sparkman - Pueblo, CO

We extended our trip to Paris/London and were apprehensive leaving the group. We found the instructions provided by Image to be excellent and all questions that we had were answered to perfection.
E. & J. Bill - Leesburg, FL

It was the greatest trip of my life. This was wonderful because I had zero worries and I was able to visit so many places that I would have not been able to discover on my own.
M. Klein - Miami, FL

We enjoyed every minute of the tour and the interaction of the group. We had an age range of 21 - 85.
R. & W. Kubitz - Okeechobee, FL

It was a wonderful trip. We had a small medical problem and our tour manager was so helpful and concerned. We were well pleased by all.
R. & V. Spurgeon - Okeechobee, FL

Our tour manager was quite the optimist, always a good twist to a situation. The traffic didn't seem to bother the bus driver, he had great skill.
D. & C. Topper - Seminole, FL

It was "above and beyond" anything we expected. The tour manager made our trip a blast.
R. & P. Anderson - Sioux City, IA

It was a great experience. We enjoyed every minute!
R. & B. Zurn - Boise, ID

It was absolutely wonderful and we came home with great memories.
J. & M. Hanks - Davis, IL

Great job in all the four 'P's: Planning, Preparation, Personal Touch, Performance.
S. Oglesby - Lake Zurich, IL

This was my dream come true.
M. & C. Kuhn - Okawville, IL

We were impressed the most with the Paris evening and seeing the Eiffel Tower at night. The tulip fields in Holland were breathtaking.
R. & J. Funk - Peoria, IL

Amazing taste of Europe!!
D. & S. Mackett - Prospect Heights, IL

I enjoyed the trip. We saw and did a lot in 15 days. Great trip and a great price.
J. Doris - Quincy, IL

Trip of a lifetime. Appreciated guide's remarks about each country. Enjoyed sampling the culture, attitudes and food outside the major cities.
A. & C. Hanawalt - Logansport, IN

This was my first time to Europe and the trip was great. I enjoyed everything. I met new friends and everything was just wonderful.
C. Graham - Miltonvale, KS

This was our first tour but we couldn't believe we saw and did so much in 15 days. We met and traveled with 40 neat people and a great guide and bus driver. It was a dream come true; a trip of a lifetime.
D. & B. White - Salina, KS

We look forward to future trips with Image Tours. They made our first trip to Europe an exceptional experience. I can't say enough good things about our tour manager and driver.
H. & C. Johnson - Louisville, KY

I have never been on a tour so organized and had a tour manager that was so caring. I went alone on this trip and I will never hesitate again.
A. Alleman - Scott, LA

I can't wait to go on another tour. All the breakfasts and dinners were excellent. Everything was wonderful.
J. Tobin - Baltimore, MD

A very enjoyable trip with four other friends. I really enjoyed every day of our trip and sightseeing tours.
H. & E. Boudreau - Saco, ME

I felt the planning was well organized. Just being with a great group of travelers and the friendly guide and driver was my personal highlight. We had so much fun and really got to know the area through and through.
C. Wisniewski - Bay City, MI

Personal highlights were Switzerland, Austria, and the information given by the tour manager while riding the bus.
J. & S. Cookenmaster - Burton, MI

We loved staying in the countryside where we could walk and "soak in" the scenery. We appreciated the provided dinners after a day of travel.
P. & B. Bierens - Grand Rapids, MI

It was a thrill to experience and travel to lovely places I had never been to and I enjoyed the culture of the residents of each country visited.
M. Turner - Mount Clemens, MI

It was everything I was hoping for and more! We loved every minute of it and it was worth every penny.
R. & B. Spencer - Petoskey, MI

It was awesome to just sit back and let someone else make all the reservations! All I had to do was be ready to go and enjoy myself. All of the added entertainment was great!
C. DeVoe - Swartz Creek, MI

We received more history and understanding of the history than any other trip we've ever taken.
R. & B. Blechinger - Barnum, MN

It was the most wonderful tour! We enjoyed every minute of it.
E. & A. Hulstein - Edgerton, MN

We couldn't have asked for anything better.
R. & T. Hulstein - Edgerton, MN

It was all very good and an experience we will long remember.
L. & G. Bartels - Hills, MN

It was a wonderful experience to see so much of Europe in a few weeks.
D. Helsabeck - Canton, MO

Thought it was the trip of a lifetime. We always felt safe and everything was well organized by the tour manager.
D. & S. Wong - Chesterfield, MO

We enjoyed the entire tour. The tour manager and driver did such a good job. A wonderful way to spend two weeks.
L. & K. VanDee - Kansas City, MO

Personal highlights were seeing Switzerland, Germany, Italy, and meeting some really nice people. It was a great experience to see places from WWII and having the guide give information about European history.
C. & K. Waters - Lee's Summit, MO

Southern Germany and Austria were beautiful! I really enjoyed the Amsterdam cruise and the night tour in Paris.
R. Bias - Lee's Summit, MO

We were very pleased with the trip. It gave us a taste of Europe. It was very organized and took all the worry out of traveling in another country.
R. & O. Harper - Manchester, MO

I really needed a vacation and this one was very relaxing, plus I felt like I learned something too.
A. Lamme - St. Charles, MO

The tour manager and driver were a great team and the humor included in all the narratives made the trip most wonderful.
I. Isonhart - Omaha, NE

This was our first trip to Europe. We would highly recommend it to others, especially with Image Tours. There was not one incident of error or poor planning.
G. & L. Reynolds - Omaha, NE

It was a very well planned and organized trip. It looks like you have been doing this for years.
T. & G. Williams - Rochester, NY

It was an excellent trip and would recommend it to anyone.
A. & A. Miller - Webster, NY

The overall experience was so much greater and better than I expected! Top of the line in every way!
E. Smith - Barberton, OH

It was a great trip for us. We got an introduction to Europe and now we know the places we would like to visit again.
J. & L. Woeste - Dayton, OH

You could not have asked for a more organized, on time experience. Everything from the flight over to the flight home was outstanding. Image is a wonderful company to travel with.
P. Cannon - Doylestown, OH

Overall experience was wonderful. I was much intrigued with the city of Rothenburg. The Basilica in San Marco was awesome as well.
N. Born - Eastlake, OH

Organization and overall tour was great!
R. L. Bernardo - Englewood, OH

Our cultural exposure was enhanced by spicy tidbits and historical perspectives shared by our experienced and courteous tour manager.
D. Walsh & M. Skalba - Rocky River, OH

The tour manager was very knowledgeable and helpful and gave me the feeling of safety so I could relax and enjoy the views.
B. Cercone - Youngstown, OH

The trip was everything we expected and more. We enjoyed all the countries.
J. & J. Brown - Broken Bow, OK

The planning, preparation, personal touch and performance were all good.
D. & R. Petersen - Portland, OR

It was a great trip - very educational, informative and the scenery was breathtaking! The excursions are well worth the money. It was like stepping back in history!
L. & C. Ressler - Dauphin, PA

This tour is a must for anyone who wants to enjoy the scenery, people, and general atmosphere of the Heart of Europe. Go for it, you won't be sorry.
A. & H. Crogle - Middletown, PA

The tour manager, driver, accommodations, and dinners were all very, very good - Excellent.
D. & J. Ward - Temple, TX

Overwhelmingly wonderful - never a dull moment! Let me rephrase - never a moment that was not planned to satisfy each need! Enjoyment well beyond expectation!
T. & R. Fairburn - Crozier, VA

The tour was outstanding. The tour manager and driver were the greatest, and all persons on the tour were great and everyone enjoyed each other.
J. & M. Horner - Foster, VA

This was our first trip to Europe and we very much appreciated all the planning and preparation that was done for us. Our tour manager and driver were excellent.
J. & S. Mitchell - Roanoke, VA

The brochure helped a lot in the preparations and everything was excellent with our tour manager and driver.
R. & T. Boquiron - Virginia Beach, VA

Overall, I found this tour to be a very good value.
S. Ballough - Edmonds, WA

There was six of our family on the tour with us. It was a very special time. We stacked up some good memories.
V. Woolard - Ellensburg, WA

I was given adequate information to prepare for travel in general and this trip specifically. "Just wonderful" describes it all.
H. Bruyn - Mt. Horeb, WI